Vinyl Record 2.0


Where do all those records come from ?
All records are second-hand. They come from private collections, directly bought from people at their homes, or during garage sales.

What are the criterias for records grading ?
Grading a record is a delicate thing. I consider the physical aspect of the vinyl and its sleeve, therefore its wear : presence of streaks, stains, tearings... The sound quality is also decisive : presence of sputter, breath, jumps...

Are the records sound tested ?
Singles are systematically listenned to, entirely and on both sides, because they are often in a much poorer condition than album records (because of their soft sleeve and the use most of people made of them).

Does Vinyland buy some records from web visitors ?
Unless you live in France and near Besançon, there is no way for us to make such a deal, sorry.

How is the price of a record determined ?

According to three main criteria :
-its sound and physical condition
-its collectable value
-its rarity or availability on the second hand records market.